Gabriel Btesh explains how leisure and retail industry construction is benefiting Panama

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During a career spanning over three decades, Gabriel Btesh has remained committed to a series of selfless, professional goals.

Taking over the family company from his father, Gabriel Btesh has grown the operation into one of Panama’s most prominent construction businesses. Committed to standards of living and bolstering the economy of the country, Btesh has also succeeded in raising the bar for architectural integrity throughout Panama.

In addition to creating over 10,000 construction jobs in the last ten years alone, Btesh’s well-documented efforts surrounding the development of affordable housing in Panama have had almost immeasurable effects on well-being and standards of living in the country, particularly in Panama City. “It’s about creating a legacy for myself, my family, and for Panama as a whole,” he suggests.

Less well documented, however, are Btesh’s retail and entertainment ventures which, he explains, continue to provide new employment opportunities and raise standards of living year after year. “Even a decade or more following completion, these projects are helping the country to further prosper,” says Btesh.

The developer explains that in creating locations such as Panama City’s Mall Los Pueblos, a cycle begins. “High-quality retail locations attract brands and stores, which require staff,” he points out. “Successful retail activity attracts further development, subsequently opening up more and more employment opportunities.”

“Furthermore,” he continues, “where people have jobs, they also have cash to spend. When these individuals spend their cash, they’re putting those hard-earned funds back into the country’s economy.”

In addition to his retail endeavors, Btesh’s leisure destinations are also attracting visitors, including tourists, he says, like never before.

“By developing leisure and entertainment destinations, including 5-star hotels, in areas across the country, we’ve attracted and delivered new wealth to numerous regions,” he explains. Successfully distributing wealth in the country, areas developed by Btesh and his teams have become more desirable places to live, particularly among the wealthy, helping to spread prosperity right throughout Panama.

“Take Santa Maria Golf and Country Club, for example,” he adds. “Developments like these, in and around Panama City and across the nation, deliver new forms of entertainment, attracting visitors and tourists, and massively boosting the economy.”

“Helping to spread wealth and employment opportunities across Panama,” says Btesh, wrapping up, “is something which I’m incredibly proud to have had a hand in, and long may it continue.”

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