Gabriel Gaby Btesh Shares a Personal Look at Panama City’s Finest Historic Landmarks

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Panama City business owner Gabriel Gaby Btesh highlights some of his favorite historic landmarks from the more than 500-year-old metropolis.

A proud Panama City resident, local construction industry entrepreneur Gabriel Gaby Btesh is responsible for some of the city’s best-known buildings, as well as countless homes, hotel resorts, and more across Panama. Speaking from his office in the Central and South American nation’s capital, Btesh reveals a number of his favorite historic landmarks to be found in the city.

“From ultra-modern skyscrapers to ancient churches and historic architecture, Panama City offers so much to see,” says Gabriel Gaby Btesh, owner of a highly successful construction company based in Panama City, Panama.

Part of the Spanish empire for almost 300 years, from 1538 to 1821, Panama later became part of Colombia during the country’s revolution in the 1820s. The nation declared its independence from Colombia at the turn of the 20th century, with the United States first recognizing an independent Panama on November 6, 1903.

Today, the Republic of Panama is a thriving nation with an ever-brighter future, home to more than four million people. Panama City, the capital of the Republic of Panama, is a thoroughly modern metropolis framed by the Pacific Ocean and the man-made engineering marvel and now world-famous conduit for maritime trade, the Panama Canal.

Its cobblestoned historic center, meanwhile, famed for its colonial-era architecture, remains equally impressive, according to Gabriel Gaby Btesh. “Among the city’s finest landmarks,” he suggests, “are the historic Casco Viejo and churches such as Iglesia de la Merced, Iglesia del Carme, and Capilla San Jose.”

Capilla San Jose, Gabriel Gaby Btesh says, built in the 16th century, is particularly famed for its golden altar. “Capilla San Jose’s famous altar de oro, or golden altar, is, as the name suggests, constructed entirely from pure gold,” adds the Panama City-based business owner.

Other predominantly historic landmarks favored by Gabriel Gaby Btesh include Plaza Bolivar, Panama La Vieja, and El Arco Chato. “Plaza Bolivar is a piece of truly masterful architecture, surrounded by lush, green gardens, while the now-ruined ancient El Arco Chato and Panama La Vieja are, at the same time,” he explains, “prime examples of what makes Panama City so unique.”

Gabriel Gaby Btesh has spoken at length about his love of Panama City, last year marking the city’s 500th anniversary of founding, and subsequently offering an expert insight into the construction of the engineering marvel, the Panama Canal.

Gabriel Gaby Btesh continues, he says, to establish himself among Panama’s most highly respected home builders thanks to a tireless focus on nationwide well-being stemming from a 30-year commitment to socially conscious construction in the Central and South American nation.

“I remain wholly passionate,” adds Gabriel Gaby Btesh, wrapping up, “about the wellness of the nation, and about making known the beauty of much of Panama City and the wider Republic of Panama, in an effort to help further strengthen our burgeoning economy and support happiness and well-being among Panamanians across the board.”

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