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Panama City-based construction mogul Gabriel Gaby Btesh highlights what he loves most about the city.

From the Miraflores Locks to the Amador Causeway, there’s much to treasure in the Panamanian capital of Panama City. That’s according to local construction industry entrepreneur Gabriel Gaby Btesh as he shares a number of his favorite things about, and which can be found in, the burgeoning modern metropolis, famously framed by the magnificent Pacific Ocean.

“Whether you’re looking for historical landmarks or metropolitan plazas filled with trendy cafes and bars, there’s much to love about Panama City,” suggests local entrepreneur Gabriel Gaby Btesh, the owner of a highly successful construction firm based in the city.

Starting at the Miraflores Locks, which provide visitors with a unique look at the world-famous Panama Canal, and working down toward the Amador Causeway, to those visiting the city, Gabriel Gaby Btesh often recommends taking in a number of his favorite locations. These, the construction mogul says, include Panama City’s Causeway Islands, Metropolitan Natural Park, and Biomuseo.

“Four small islands by the entrance to the Panama Canal, the city’s Causeway Islands boast attractive bicycle and jogging paths,” explains Gabriel Gaby Btesh, “and are home to the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute laboratory, World War II fortifications, and various launch and port facilities, plus marinas, restaurants, shopping, and more.”

Next, Gabriel Gaby Btesh turns to the famous Metropolitan Natural Park. “Inaugurated in the late 1980s, almost 15 years after it was first proposed, today, the Metropolitan Natural Park is Panama City’s main wildlife refuge,” says Btesh. The park, according to Gabriel, is home to countless species of birds, monkeys, sloths, anteaters, deer, turtles, iguanas, and much more.

Among Gabriel Gaby Btesh‘s very favorite and top suggestions surrounding things to do locally, meanwhile, is to visit Panama City’s Biomuseo. “Focused predominantly on the natural history of Panama, it’s a must-see,” suggests the local entrepreneur.

Designed by famous architect Frank Gehry—and representing his first design to be completed in Latin America—the museum opened in 2014. “The Biomuseo’s galleries,” Gabriel Gaby Btesh reveals, “highlight Panama’s incredible natural and cultural history, emphasizing, in particular, the role of humans at various points in the country’s past.”

Gabriel Gaby Btesh is a leading entrepreneur and the owner of a highly successful construction company based in Panama City. He’s know, in particular, for his decades-long professional commitments to architectural integrity, standards of living, and well-being, both in Panama City and across the wider Central and South American Republic of Panama.

Returning focus to what he treasures most about Panama City, Gabriel Gaby Btesh also recommends taking in the otherwise now incredibly modern city’s cobblestoned historic center, famed for landmarks such as the neoclassical Palacio Presidencial. Also known as the Palace of the Herons—after the herons that roam freely in its courtyard—the Palacio Presidencial is the governmental office and residence of the country’s president, according to the local expert.

“Finally, there’s the Amador Causeway,” adds Gabriel Gaby Btesh, wrapping up, “an island connector in the city, open to everyone, and boasting breathtaking views out into beautiful Panama Bay.”

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